Studio Minerva – Pimdi


ENG: For this client I have made a logo. Pimdi is an Erasmus strategic partnership that will employ specific resources that are available within the field of art education to develop a pedagogy of imaginative dialogues.   NL: Voor deze klant heb ik een logo gemaakt. Pimdi is een Erasmus strategisch partnerschap dat gebruik zal [...]

Studio Minerva – A3


ENG: In my second year of my study at Minervay art academy I also worked at Studio Minerva. Studio Minerva is a studio within the school that works with different clients. They give us different real assignments and at the end the clients choose one (or more) designs that they are going to use. During [...]

logo stichting jachthonden


ENG: This logo is made for the company 'stichting jachthonden Salland Twente'. it is a company for hunting dogs. The place where this company is staying is called 'Salland Twente' and they have their own colors, these are also the colors that I used in the logo. NL: Dit logo is gemaakt voor de stichting [...]

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