About me

Everything is hard before it becomes easy

Hey! Nice to see you here. My name is Susan Winkels and I am 22 years old. Currently I am studying Design at Minerva art academy in Groningen, the Netherlands. I hope I can improve my knowledge and creativity. I finished in 2020 my degree Creative business developer, as specialty; graphic designer.

I am a driven girl who likes to learn and discover new things. I am someone who sees improvement in everything, that something is never really finished. My friends would say about me that I am a conscientious and hard working person who is passionate for design. That I am very well organized and positive in the work environment and that I am gaining confidence as a graphic designer. I am considerate of the people that I am working with.






I like being busy with everything that has something to do with graphic design. But besides that, I am really interested in stepping out of my comfort zone and to see where else my interests are. During my study I am really interested in working with photography and videography. I like making pictures of people, nature and besides that everything that gives a memory. Making aftermovies and promotion videos is also something that I like and everytime I am learning more and more by making these movies and pictures.

InDesign 90%
Illustrator 92%
Premiere Pro 85%
After Effects 60%


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